Petzi Treat Cam Full Review

pick best pet camera

pick best pet camera

Presenting The Petzi Treat Cam from Petzila

Pets resemble our youngsters. When you are far from your creature, you feel in charge of their forlornness. Individuals frequently joke, “I wish my puppy had a wireless.”

All things considered, we have uplifting news for all you creature sweethearts.

For as long as couple of months, there’s been another item on the market– the Petzi Treat Cam. It’s an intelligent, WiFi camera that enables you to send sound messages, stream live video, and hurl out treats to your pet while you’re away. The Petzi Treat Cam is worked through a free application for iOS and Android that serves as a remote controller and social stage. We should investigate this Petzi Treat Cam survey.

As you unpack the Petzi Treat Cam, you may understand this isn’t a household item you need on your shelf. The tall, white, plastic outline is a long way from rich. As you pull off the intro page, you uncover the treat compartment at the best and the AC connector at the back. Pour in a portion of the included treats, connect it to and locate a perfect spot to put the gadget. The four-foot control rope makes finding appropriate position somewhat troublesome. When you locate a suitable place for your treat cam, utilize the included screws or Velcro to secure it. You won’t have any desire to leave the Petzi unsupported, as your pet will probably thump it down.

Petzi Treat Cam audit

Presently you are prepared to set up the WiFi association. The treat cam effectively incorporates with your home system. In the first place, download the iOS or Android application and interface with the “Petzi_XXXX” arrange by means of your cell phone’s remote settings. Next, come back to the application and enter your home system watchword and safely coordinate the Petzi with your WiFi association. As far as I can tell, this procedure worked flawlessly on the primary attempt.

Remote Controller and Social App

Since every one of your gadgets are associated, you can utilize your cell phone as a remote for the Petzi.

The free petzi – pickbestpetcamera application will enable you to stream live video, take pictures, send sound messages and obviously, dispatch treats. These capacities work genuinely well. The live video stream has a deferral of a couple of moments, so what you see on your telephone isn’t precisely ongoing. Moreover, when you send sound messages, there are a few seconds of deferral before it is yield by the camera. In any case, the deferral is of little outcome, since your pet can’t see you and you can’t hear your pet – this isn’t Skype, all things considered. The photo work works reliably well, so you can snap open photographs of your unaccompanied pets as they anticipate their treat.


The essential issue with the camera is that the Petzi does not generally yield the 720P HD quality that it brags (however, this could be because of different factors, for example, your WiFi association quality and speed). In any case, when the camera is yielding full quality video, you can get an incredible shot of your pet to share on the web or through the Petzi social application.

Beside going about as a remote controller, your Petzi application enables you to set up an open profile for your pet. Like a dating or web-based social networking application, you input your pet’s name, age, species, a most loved treat, and more nearby a profile picture and depiction. Through your pet’s profile, you can post the pictures you take with your Petzi cam or pictures put away on your camera roll. Also, you can peruse the application’s social bolster highlighting canines and felines from everywhere throughout the Petzi world.

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