Best HVLP Paint Sprayer

There are many different spraying systems available in market such as airless paint sprayer, cart sprayer and HVLP paint sprayer. For the users convenience we have decided to review the HVLP paint sprayer. The Best HVLP paint sprayer is also known as (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayer.

Best HVLP Paint Sprayer

Best HVLP Paint Sprayer

These days when the market is emerging with the demand of best airless paint sprayers the HVLP paint sprayer is the key thing that every DIY – do it yourself  have in his tool box. Due to its versatility it can also be the great helper of professionals for touch ups and different painting jobs. As mentioned above picking the right one is a difficult task but we can guarantee if you read the full article you can make your purchase with the highest level of confidence.

Best HVLP Paint Sprayer Features

Majority HVLP paint sprayers use spray cup to feed spraying material to the nozzle and needs to be operate at a certain angle for best results which could be difficult sometimes for detailed finishes. To overcome that you should look for HVLP system with a paint preparation system.

Most of best HVLP paint sprayer comes with stages which actually means that the system operate with the included turbine at specific speed. Another A3-stage HVLP sprayer means that it runs on 3 different speeds setting which can be change usually with the knob located on handle.

Advantages of HVLP paint sprayer

At this stage the question arises is why choose HVLP? If you have used a traditional paint sprayer you must be familiar that they tend to be less effective in getting detailed finishes. According to report the traditional paint sprayer put about 60% of paint in air. So working without protection makes your lungs of same colour as your walls.

These paint sprayer are versatile you can use HVLP spray gun with compressor or turbine system. These features minimize the paint loss that one face with traditional paint sprayer.  Being flexible it can easily spray varnishes, automotive paint, lacquers and stains. You also can control your spray pattern.

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Some Common Issues with HVLP

Many models offer connectors that are smaller in size. These smaller size connectors make can build up pressure inside the unit and can cause problem later on.

Another issue is clogging, if the tips is reversible than flip the tip and use at lowest pressure if the tip is not reversible than wash immediately with water and look for screen or filter damage.